One of the most important issues that one can face in the field of design, construction, installation, and implementation of steel warehouses and structures is the frequent questions customers might have. In addition to providing all and every service in this field, Pooladin Dezh tries to collect and analyze essential data for its customers and audience through continuous research and studies, and helps to increase awareness and spread information by presenting them in form of articles and questions. This helps Pooladin Dezh’s audience to have the proper knowledge of the field before taking any steps to design and build their desired warehouse or steel structure.

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Pooladin Dezh shares its nearly half of the century experience with you, the experience which is gained during 40 years of constant success in construction of steel structures in the fields such as oil and gas, aircraft hangers, warehouses, conference halls, exhibitions, and high-rise buildings. The information Pooladin Dezh shares with you is the outcome of 40 years of hard-earned experience which is presented here in the form of common questions. In the sections below, you can find the answer to some of your questions.

Steel is one of the main raw materials in the construction industry. The price of the steel itself depends on some global factors. Thus, this instability of steel price can affect the final costs of a warehouse. To build a safe, strong, and standard building or structure different amounts of steel are needed. The designer and structural calculator have the biggest impact on the final price of the structure. Another factor that affects the price of the structure, is the designer company and the project executor. At this point choosing the right company is a matter of utmost importance, for some companies are simply better suppliers and have more power to buy a sufficient amount of iron, this itself can be effective on the price of iron. Experienced designers, professional and qualified executive workforce, and skilled quality control unit are some of the most important factors to choose a company since the skilled and qualified workforce can decrease the duration and the cost of a project enormously.
In the field of steel structure construction, it is not possible to use such combinations with different material strength classes. However, depending on the designer’s opinion, in some cases, these sorts of sheets with different material strength classes can be used. As an instance, we can mention the columns which are made using ST52 sheets, in such columns the different material strength class sheets can be used.
Estimating the required iron weight and the cost of the warehouse also depends on different factors. One of these factors that play an important role in estimating the final iron weight is the execution area. Accordingly, if an execution area has one of the following conditions the final price would also add up. • Windy area • Earthquake-prone • High-intensity rainfall/snowfall
Generally, 7 main factors can affect the price of a steel structure. These 7 factors are namely: • Raw Materials • Consumables • Quality • Design • Execution • Equipment • Transport and Installation
The most important difference between an ordinary structure and a sin beam is in the number of consumed materials, the removal of hardeners and as a result the elimination of all their costs. By reducing the weight of the consumables, on one hand, a sin beam can effectively reduce the cost caused by them; and on the other hand, it causes a significant reduction in costs by eliminating the hardener and the related costs needed in wielding and labor, etc.
• Constructing a steel structure takes less time than a concrete one • Steel has more ductility compared to concrete • The connections used in steel structures are different from the kind used in the concrete structures • The weight of steel structures is much less than concrete structures • Steel structure shows better resistance during a seismic event than a concrete one