Constructional Structure

Using steel as one of the main constructional materials goes back to the early 20th century. By the break out of World War ll, the production of steel increased enormously. As a result, by the end of the Second World War when the production of steel was much easier; due to the mass production of steel, its price dropped significantly. Since then, steel has been used in almost all fields of construction, specifically in high-rise building constructions.

Many factors affect the weight of the structure, to name a few we can mention, the amount of the pressure load on each floor, the thickness of the ceiling, the type of structure system, and the span around each column. It should be noted that one of the most important advantages of using steel structures in construction, is the high speed of installation, the easy process of expansion, the development of the building, and strengthening of the structure variables. Besides, when the service life of the building is over, all the metal structures can be removed, recycled, and reused.

The type of steel used in the construction of a structure is a matter of utmost importance. For it must bear a high load of pressure. Therefore, the mechanical specification of the steel and its high quality is directly related to the service life of the building, its quality, and the safety of the residents.

The main components of construction structures are,

  • Column
  • Main Beam
  • Sub-beam
  • Bracing
  • Bolts
  • Joists

What has made steel of the most important construction materials in high-rise structures are factors such as:

  • Steel can be deformed by loading and creating tension
  • It has an elastic and plastic quality
  • It has ductility
  • It is capable of hammering, bending, and malleability
  • dynamic and static stiffness
  • high relative resistance and high elasticity coefficient
  • Weldability quality
  • The possibility to use the iron scrap
  • All different parts can be strengthened at any time


The points we mentioned above are can only be related to the steel structures and none of the other materials have such qualities and possibilities. In comparison with concrete structures, one can notice that in the process of designing steel structures, more space and area can become to the consideration and be used. On the other hand, since the steel structures are designed, built, and installed by following the standards, the error rate during the installation of the structure would be at the minimum rate possible.

Among all the advantages of steel structures the following list is only a few of so many:

  • Steel structures have a lower weight compared to a concrete structure
  • Low weight materials used to construct the walls
  • Steel elasticity
  • High resistance of metal parts and devices against the load and weight
  • The possibility of using steel in high rise buildings construction
  • High tolerance impact strength
  • Decay and steel corrosion resistance
  • The possibility to strengthen the steel structure with welds, screws, and rivets
  • Convenient construction, installation, and execution
  • Faster installation
  • Less waste and iron scraps
  • Less space needed for construction


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