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Warehouse and metal structure Pouladin Dezh Kaveh

This company is committed to aligning itself with the technological and managerial advancements of the world, ensuring a smooth journey through the formulation and implementation of appropriate strategies. Consequently, continuous improvement has become the forefront of all aspects of the company’s life and Pouladin Dezh Kaveh’s policy. In the first step, to ensure continuous improvement in activities, workflow, final product quality, and customer satisfaction, the implementation of a quality management system has been prioritized by developing executable guidelines. In light of this change in attitude, we have been able to transform into one of the leading companies in the design, fabrication, and installation of various types of light and heavy metal structures. The main mission of this company is to design and implement the most economically viable and secure buildings required by the country and the global community.

After 40 years of experience by its founder (Ali Akbar Tak) in the field of industrial, architectural, spatial, industrial shed, and various other metal skeleton constructions, Pouladin Dezh Kaveh was established in 2008 on the second street of Kaveh Industrial City. In 2015, considering the need to increase production capacity, this company embarked on expansion in the 23rd street of Kaveh Industrial City. Currently, it has 40,000 square meters of land in the largest industrial city in the Middle East, including 18,000 square meters of production halls, 3,000 square meters of paint and sandblast halls, and a monthly production capacity of over 2,000 tons (nominal tonnage).

Pouladin Dezh Kaveh (PDK) Company, a manufacturer of various types of steel skeletons and industrial structures, declares its activities and policies based on the following principles:

  • Understanding and fully comprehending customer needs and striving to fulfill them in order to increase their satisfaction.
  • Utilizing state-of-the-art devices and technologies from around the world to save costs and increase manufacturing speed.
  • Expanding the factory space into a larger area to achieve greater speed in performing all related tasks.
  • Continuous movement towards continuous improvement in performance and product quality, as well as the effectiveness of company processes.
  • Strengthening and consolidating the company’s position by increasing the volume of activities and gaining a larger market share.
  • Recognizing employees’ talents and striving towards their development and empowerment.
  • Identifying issues and bottlenecks in the production process and striving to deliver projects on time.
  • Efforts towards understanding and entering target markets.
  • Creating motivation among staff for teamwork and achieving collective progress.

Kaveh Dezh Steel Projects

Poladin Dez has succeeded in designing and implementing steel structures and large factories for the country’s top industries during its years of brilliant activity. Below are just the names of some of Poladin Dez’s projects.

  • Pakdis (Sandis) Project – Project Location: West Azerbaijan – Employer Sandis Company
  • Persian Gulf Star Oil Project – Employer Oil Company – Project Location Bandar Abbas
  • Furnace and Batch Plant Project – Project Location Kaveh Industrial City – Employer Kaveh Glass and Crystal
  • Butane Company Project – Employer Kavir Tire
  • Kavir Tire Company Project – Project Location Kerman – Employer Kavir Tire
  • Earthenware Project – Project Location East Azerbaijan – Employer Iranian Ceramics
  • Pegah Company Project – Project Location Rasht – Employer Iran Dairy Industries (Pegah) Agricultural and Industrial Livestock Company
  • Carton Manufacturing Project – Project Location Zanjan – Employer Mihan Company
  • San’ich Company Project – Project Location Kaveh Industrial City – Employer San’ich
  • Mazmaz Company Project – Employer MazMaz Company
  • Bolor Kaveh Company Project – Project Location Kaveh Industrial City
  • Sobhan Daroo Company Project
  • Part Format Project
  • Khuzestan Steel Carbon Intermediates Structures – 400 tons
  • Asa Flute Company – 1000 tons – Area of 60,000 square meters
  • Bomar Company – Construction of industrial warehouse and structures – 400 tons – 12,000 square meters
  • Construction of livestock barn in Salehabad (Central Province) – 14,000 square meters
  • Construction of the gas factory warehouse at Kaveh Methanol Port in Bandar Deyr – 5,700 square meters
  • Construction of the warehouse for Pishgaman Paper Industry Factory and Pars Mamounieh Greenhouse – 20,000 square meters
  • Structural steel framework for commercial/office building with an approximate weight of 1500 tons
  • Construction of the physical education office warehouse in Qazvin – 5,000 square meters
  • Structural steel framework for the Persian Gulf commercial complex – 1000 tons
  • Installation of metal structures for glass transportation (accuracy of 2 millimeters) – 650 tons
  • Welded structural steel framework – 2000 tons – Yas Town
  • Construction of the structural framework for schools, gymnasium halls, and administrative buildings in Mamounieh – Jafari Street School
  • Construction project for Arvin Andozan Company buildings – 4500 square meters
  • Skeletal screw and bolt construction project – Hamedan Judiciary – 1000 tons
  • Construction of the framework for the factories of Konka, Ajarchelleh, Sanatel, Chiwa, and Karin Profile Company – Kurdistan, Iraq – 1300 tons – 40,000 square meters
  • Kaveh Cellulose Zarin Company – Kaveh Industrial City – 800 tons – 20,000 square meters
  • Welded structural framework project – Enghelab Square, Kargar Street – 400 tons
  • Welded structural framework project – Enghelab Square, Kargar Street – 400 tons
  • Construction of the warehouse framework for the country’s customs located in Bandar Abbas and Saveh – 6000 square meters – 300 tons
  • Construction of the framework for Pana Choob Company – 20,000 square meters – 900 tons
  • Screw and bolt framework project for Arsh Pouya (Golazin) in Jordan, Tehran – 270 tons
  • Welded structural framework project for Amin Hozoor in Tehran – 300 tons
  • Warehouse project for the Dairy Company (Arian) in Damdast, Saveh – 5400 square meters
  • Aquapark warehouse project in Kurdistan – 5000 square meters
  • Warehouse project for TAPNA Kish Company.

Warehouse project for the following power stations: Saveh Power Station, Lajvar Power Station in Arak, Gharb Text, Tehran Martyrs, Qom Power Station, Parand, and Shahr-e-Qods related to Parsian Company – Development of posts by Ghavi Company.

  • Warehouse project for Petro Mehr Company in Pardis.
  • Warehouse project for Sepand Plast Company.
  • Warehouse project for the buildings of Kaveh Industrial Park Company, Warehouse No. 4, Customs, with an area of 10,000 square meters.
  • Building structure project on Bahrami Alley, Jordan Street.
  • Project of the warehouse and industrial production company “Arsha” with an area of 15,000 square meters.
  • Rasha Caspian
  • Asan Pak
  • Savvah Cement
  • Khuzestan Steel
  • Maz Maz

Poladin Dez, as a leading group in the field of steel structure construction for Iran’s top industries, has had a brilliant and lasting record in this field and has made the use of modern knowledge the cornerstone of its work. Therefore, Poladin Dez projects are always executed on time, precisely according to customer requirements, and in compliance with international standards. It is hoped that Poladin Dez can take a step towards the prosperity of this land and border with its skilled forces and modern and up-to-date soft and hardware facilities.


“Pouladin Dez Kaveh” is a manufacturer of various types of metal structures and industrial structures. Its primary goal is continuous improvement in the quality of products and services to increase customer satisfaction and meet the needs of other stakeholders. Establishment, maintenance, and improvement of the quality management system serve as the provider of this goal.
• Understanding and fully recognizing customer needs, striving to meet their requirements, and consequently increasing customer satisfaction.
• Utilizing the best equipment and cutting-edge technologies worldwide to save costs and consequently increase the speed of structure construction.
• Expanding the factory space to increase the speed of all activities related to design, construction, and installation of structures.
• Continuous movement in harmony with the continuous improvement of all units’ performance, increasing product quality, and enhancing the effectiveness of executive processes.
• Strengthening and stabilizing the company’s position through expanding the volume and diversity of activities to gain a larger share of the consumer market.
• Identifying problems and bottlenecks in the company’s execution processes such as production processes, and striving to deliver projects on time.
• Endeavoring to identify new markets and subsequently entering target markets.
• Discovering and recognizing the talents of employees and striving to enhance and empower the workforce.
• Creating motivation among members and staff to perform assigned tasks collaboratively to achieve collective progress.

Commitments and Differentiations

• Utilizing 30 years of specialized experience in executing heavy government and private projects across the country.
• Equipped with a specialized technical office for design and process control during execution.
• Adherence to all specialized construction considerations such as:
• Principles of cold cutting (6-meter and 2-meter guillotines) and hot cutting (straight cutting and CNC) under the supervision of the quality control unit
• Performing drilling operations with automatic machines (double CNC and punch)
• Equipped with a specialized technical office for optimal design and control of construction and installation with extensive experience.
• Adhering to the principles of beveling and belt making according to regulations and executive guidelines under quality control.
• Assembling components using manual fixtures and automatic machinery.
• Performing longitudinal welds using automatic SAW (Submerged Arc Welding) machines.
• Completing the finishing work on parts according to standards and under the supervision of quality control engineers (QC).
• Performing final welds using mixed gas GMAW.
• Using sandblasting system for surface cleaning to prepare parts for painting.
• Painting parts according to project specifications and existing regulations and standards.
• Controlling the stages of project construction and installation through the planning unit and receiving daily reports.
• Having pre-installed industrial control equipment.
• Ultrasonic testing for spot welds.
• PT-Test for longitudinal weld testing.
• VT Test
• MT Test
• Vacum Test
• Technical and regulatory control by the Quality Control Engineering Office.
• Specialized design of the warehouse and providing ideal weight distribution based on material distribution at critical points while also offering.
• Monitoring incoming forces and vibrations caused by wind loads and cranes, preventing loosening of bolts and wall cracking, and addressing potential settlements.
• Automatic sub-arc welding and adherence to necessary weld dimensions based on calculations.
• Automatic assembly of Box and H profiles using advanced European machinery for simultaneous assembly, welding, and arc gouging.
• Control of bolt tightening using a torque meter device.