Industrial warehouse and Steel structure
Pooladin Dezh Kaveh

Pooladin Dezh Kaveh consists of two industrial units with a total area of 40000 square meters, including 25000 square meters of indoor space, 1716 square meters of office area, and a total of 1 MW electricity.

Pooladin Dezh Kaveh has been trying to achieve constant improvement by adapting the latest worldwide technical and managerial developments as well as planning and acquiring the finest strategies. Thus, continuous development has always been the main policy in PEDKA (Pooladin Dezh Kaveh CO). In the first step, the execution of a proper quality management system has been taken to consideration by the company to achieve such continuous improvement in the company’s activities, procedure, quality of the final product, and customer satisfaction. Under the light of such a change of attitude, PEDKA has been able to become one of the most qualified companies with core competency in the fields of designing, manufacturing, and installing a vast range of light and heavy metal structures.

The main goal of this company is to design and implement the most economically ‘secure building’ needed in the country and the international community. After nearly 40 years of experience, Pooladin Dezh Kaveh was found by Ali Akbar Tak on the second street of Kaveh Industrial City in 2008. This company works in the fields of manufacturing industrial steel structures, constructions, spaces, industrial warehouses, and other types of steel structures. In 2015, due to the need for an increase in production capacity, the company also was expanded by adding a factory on 23th street of Kaveh Industrial City. Currently, the company’s buildings are located in 30000 square meters of land in the largest industrial city in the country.

Over many years, Pooladin Dezh Kaveh has succeeded to design and implement great steel structures and sizable factories for the country’s top industries. In the following, some of these projects done by Pooladin Dezh are mentioned.

  • Yas Construction Project_ Project Location: 22th district, Tehran_ Employer: IRGC
  • Pakdis Project (Sandis)_ Project Location: West Azarbayjan_ Employer: Sandis Company
  • Persian Gulf Star Oil Project_ Project Location: Bandar Abbas_ Employer: Oil Company
  • Furnace and Batch plant Project_ Project Location: Kaveh Industrial City_ Employer: Kaveh Glass and Crystal
  • Butane Project­_ Employer: Butane Industry
  • Kavir Tire Company Project_ Project Location: Kerman_ Employer: Kavir Tire
  • China Clay Project_ Project Location: East Azarbaijan_ Employer: Iran China Clay Industries
  • Pegah Project_ Project Location: Rasht_ Employer: Iran Dairy Industries Co (Pegah diary)
  • Carton Making Project_ Project Location: Zanjan_ Employer: Mihan Company
  • Sanich Project_ Project Location: Kaveh Industrial City_ Employer: Sanich
  • Mazmaz Project_ Employer: Mazmaz Co.
  • Crystal Kaveh Project_ Location: Kaveh Industrial City
  • Sobhan Darou Project
  • Part Pharmed Project
  • Khouzestan Steel Inter-carbon Structures_ 400 tons
  • Asa Flute Company _1000 tons_ 60,000 square meters
  • Boomer Company_ Construction of industrial warehouse and structures_ 400 tons_ 12,000 square meters
  • Salehabad livestock warehouse _ Project Location: (Markazi Province)_14,000 square meters
  • Implementation of Kaveh Methanol Gas Plant in Deyr Port_ 5700 square meters
  • Implementation of Pishgaman Pars Paper & Golpuoneh industrial Co. Warehouse s_ 20,000 square meters
  • Commercial/office welded structure weighing nearly 1,500 tons
  • Qazvin Physical Education Department’s warehouse_ 5000 square meters
  • Welded structure of Persian Gulf Commercial Complex_1000 tons
  • Implementation of metal structures carrying glass (2 mm accuracy) _ 650 tons
  • Welded Building Structure_ Project Location: Yas Town_ 2,000 Tons
  • Construction of the school skeletons, Takhti Hall gymnasium, Mamuniyeh office structure_ Jafari Street School
  • Arvin Andozan Building Project_ 4500 square meters
  • Construction Bolts Skeleton Project_ Hamedan Courthouse_ 1000 tons
  • Implementation of warehouse s for companies such as Konka, Ajorcheleh, Sanatel, Chiva and Karin Profile Company_ Iraqi Kurdistan _1300 tons _40,000 square meters
  • Kaveh Cellulose Zarrin Company_ Kaveh Industrial Town _800 tons_20,000 square meters
  • Welded Skeleton Project_ Enghelab Square, Kargar Street_ 400 tons
  • Bolt Skeleton Project_ Mahyar Jordan, Africa Street_ 700 tons
  • Construction of the customhouse’s warehouse structure in Bandar Abbas and Saveh_ 6000 square meters_ 300 tons
  • Pana Choob Skeleton Construction_ 20,000 m_ 900 tons
  • Bolts and nut structure of Arsh Pooya (Gol Azin) Project_ Jordan Tehran_ 270 tons
  • Amin Hozoor Welded Skeleton Project_ 300 tons
  • Saveh warehouse Project_ Dairy Damdsht Company (Arian)_ 5400 meters
  • Aqua Park warehouse Project_ 5000 meters
  • TAPNA Kish warehouse Project
  • Saveh Power Substation warehouse Project in Lajvar Arak, Matne Gharb, Shohadaye Tehran; and Qom, Parand and Shahriar Power Substation regarding Parsian Company
  • Petro Mehr Pardis warehouse Project
  • Sepand Plastic warehouse Project
  • Kaveh Anbar Industrial warehouse No. 4 and 10,000 square meters Customshouse Project
  • Constructional structure project in Jordan Street_ Bahrami Alley
  • Arsha Icehouse and Industrial Company’s warehouse project with a total area of 15,000 square meters

Pooladin Dezh as a leading complex in the field of steel structures for Iran’s top industries has a brilliant and lasting history. Thus, acquiring the latest technology has always been a priority in our company. Hence Pooladin Dezh’s all projects are executed in fixed due time and according to customer’s wills, following international standards. It is to be hoped that Pooladin Dezh with all its efforts, expert workforce, modern and up-to-date software systems take a great step towards the development and prosperity of Iran.


As a manufacturer of steel and industrial structures, the continuous improvement of the product quality and services to increase the satisfaction of customers and stakeholders has been the very first goal of Pooladin Dezh Kaveh Co.

  • Full understanding of customers’ needs and providing these needs to achieve customer satisfaction
  • Identifying employees’ talents and attempting to empower the workforce
  • Spotting the problems in the process of production and trying to solve them while reducing the possible delay time in each project
  • Acquiring a better understanding of the target market
  • Motivating workforce to achieve collective progress
  • The expansion of factory space
  • The constant improvement of performance and product quality

Commitments and Distinctions

    • Using 30 years of specialized experience in the implementation of great public and private projects all over the country
    • Being equipped with the specialized office to plan and control the process of implantation


    Observing all specialized manufacturing points such as:

    • Cold cutting principles (6m and 2m guillotine) as well as hot cutting principles (CNC) with quality control unit supervision
    • Drilling operations with automatic machines (double CNC and punch)
    • Equipped with the specialized technical office to achieve the most optimal design, best construction control, and experienced installation
    • Observing the principles of beveling and strapping following the regulations and executive instructions of the quality control unit
    • Assembling parts in manual molds and automatic machines
    • Longitudinal welding with automatic SAW machines
    • Completion of parts according to the standards and the QC of quality control engineers
    • Performing final welding with GMAW mixed gas
    • Using sandblast system to clean surfaces for painting the parts
    • Painting parts in accordance with existing regulations and standards of the project
    • Controlling the construction and installation process of the project through the planning and strategy unit as well as requiring daily reports


    Possessing equipment essential for industry control and installation in advance:

    • Ultrasonic for spot welding test
    • PT-Test for longitudinal welding test
    • VT Test
    • RT TEST
    • MT Test
    • Vacuum Test
    • Observing and Controlling technical points and regulations by the quality control engineering unit
    • Providing specialized design for industrial sheds and ideal weight, based on the material distribution in critical points, simultaneously control of incoming forces and vibrations caused by wind and crane while preventing the loosening of screws and the cracking of walls as well as the possible soil settlement which leads to building settlement
    • Automatic sub-powder welding
    • Automatic assembly, welding, and buckling of Box and H with advanced European devices
    • Controlling the tightening of screws with the torque meter device